Great things happen when
you turn passion into profession

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Let me unleash your creativity

Seven years of experience in the Event Industry forms you. From an energetic trainee with great creativity, to client and project leader for renowned companies. Hard work pays off and I love every step of the way.

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”Sky is the limit” they say

I do all kinds of event marketing projects, both on a small and big scale, from short terms to years long. From product launches, road shows, activations in pubs, restuarants and arenas, to different scales of sponsorships, festivals and everything in between. I can join your team in different ways.  Call me or send me smoke signals and I’ll stop by for a coffee and we’ll talk through it!

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Eventninja takes responibilities

For the sake of future generations of marketers, I accepted an invitation to be a board member at Hermods Sales & Business school, representing the Event Industry as a senior advisor. I have a hard time staying away from the classrooms and the students, which is why I try to make as much time as possible throughout the year to attend as guest lecturer within event marketing & planning.

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Your dream is my reality.

Over the course of my career I have been planning and implementing some of Sweden’s greatest events, festivals, sponsoring alliances and product launches, and I always pour my heart and soul into every project, regardless of size.

I have a tremendous passion for my job with a tendency to often spread that passion to the rest of the team and clients I work with.

When I'm not doing events and activations i’m living life on two wheels. I’m a full blooded adrenaline junkie. It's ironic how you feel most alive when your heart skips a few beats.

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So in short… I’m a little bit of a crazy Event Consultant who love what I do and I love to have fun while doing it!

Love, love, love, great results, fun times and so on.